Monday, October 29, 2012

Spotlight on Botanical Reflections 2.0

Meet Chela!

Chela blogs over at Botanical Reflections 2.0.  While in high school, she would create coded page layouts.  The page she created to host the layouts was called Botanical Reflections (because she loves flowers and wanted the layouts to be a reflection of her), and the name always stuck with her.  When she decided to start blogging again, she knew Botanical Reflections 2.0 was the perfect  name for her blog!

Chela and her husband, Brian, got married in May 2011, and her marriage is a blogging subject near  and dear to her heart.  She has a pet cockatiel named Mr. Tibbs (and her Mr. Tibbs stories are hilarious!), and she captures some of the hilarious things he does on video.  Chela is currently studying to be an architect, and, being a woman, offers interesting perspective into the field (including a lot of the sexism she faces).

In addition to blogging about her life, Chela loves to try new recipes (as soon as I get a new blender,  I'm trying that Frozen Nutella Hot, delish much?)

We're so excited to have Chela as a member of the Pretty Little Bloggers Network.  We hope you love her as much as we do!

Make sure to check out Botanical Reflections 2.0!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Well, it looks like you found your way over to the Pretty Little Bloggers' blog! Awesome!

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So you might be wondering, why PLB?

Pretty Little Bloggers is 100% homegrown.  We're just a couple of bloggers who want to help other bloggers connect and get more exposure.  There's no agenda, no catch, and no hassle, just a network of supportive bloggers who want to help you out!

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